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How long does it take to convert the CoffeeRacer from a table into a sim?

If your steering wheel and pedals are already installed, conversion from a coffee table to a racing simulator takes around one minute.

Is it more a piece of furniture or a wheelstand?

Both! The CoffeeRacer is primarily designed as a racing simulator chassis with a focus on rigidity and versatility. It will store as a high end piece of furniture in the following configurations: coffee table (all models), plant stand (Living), or filing cabinet (Play and Go).

What wheelbase or steering wheel should I use?

We feel the Logitech G series has the best fit, the shape and the materials used & cable management match the CoffeeRacer best. If you want to have the best racing experience we recommend the Logitech pro or Fanatec CSL DD (pro) for the 'Living' and the Simucube sport 2 for the 'Play', For the larger wheel/wheelbases you might need to take off the wheel to fold everything into the box

What simulator can I best compare it to?

The CoffeeRacer is a unique solution that combines the rigidity of a traditional full rig with a space conscious design that allows for a broader range of applications. While this may sound a lot like a wheel stand, the rigidity and tasteful design of the chassis itself sets it apart from anything else on the market.

Does the CoffeeRacer move under heavy braking?

Fully equipped with peripherals, the CoffeeRacer is heavy enough to remain stationary under braking with entry-level pedals. Additionally, we have included anti-slip strips with the Living and anti-slip feet with the Go. The Play has locking caster wheels to keep it in place. In order to use high-end pedals with high braking force, we recommend adding the optional Desk Chair Mount.

What else do I need to race besides a CoffeeRacer?

  • Desk chair with desk and PC monitor. Alternatively, a couch or lounge seat with a TV.
  • Gaming PC or Console (Xbox / Playstation).
  • A racing game such as iRacing, Gran turismo, Assetto Corsa, F1, Dirt Rally or Forza.
  • Steering wheel/pedal set to match the limits of your CoffeeRacer model.
  • USB and power extension cables as needed

Should I get the table (large tray) or the plantstand (small tray) for the 'living'?

This depends on what fits best in your interior and the negotiations with your partner, however for frequent racers we have a preference for the table as it takes less movements to get it into racing position

Does the box interfere with my legs?

The average couch height is 16.5 inches. Extensive testing shows that by adjusting your pedal set and posture, you can find a perfect racing position on couches as low as 14.5 inches without the box interfering with your legs. Our research shows that both children and adults of any height can race very comfortably for hours!