• Play

    The CoffeeRacer ‘Play’ is our most serious chassis, able to handle 20 Nm direct drive wheelbases and 330 lbs of braking force with no flex. It's built to increase lap times, immersion, and setup speed, for both PC and console gamers, with both entry level or pro gear, in any room of the house.

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  • Living

    The CoffeeRacer 'Living' redefines luxury with its tasteful design and wooden tabletop. Offering a striking blend of aesthetics and high-performance materials, this chassis is able to handle 12 Nm of wheelbase torque and 220 lbs of braking force. Click below to view the manual for the 'Living'.

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  • Go

    The CoffeeRacer ‘Go’ is our entry-level product. It's the lightest and least expensive model in the lineup. Its wheelbase torque maximum is 8 Nm and braking force maximum is 110 lbs. Find out everything you need to know about the CoffeeRacer 'Go' by reviewing the manual below.

    Download Go Instructions