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Shifter Mount

Shifter Mount

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The shifter mount is compatible with all CoffeeRacer models. The bolt pattern allows mounting of most H-pattern and sequential shifters on the market. Reach out to for guidance.

For high-end shifters, consider adding the optional Shifter Support. The support adds rigidity by connecting the Shifter Mount to your Desk Chair Mount (required). This setup is solid enough to add a handbrake by bolting the Fanatec handbrake to the side of the Fanatec shifter.

Alternatively, for the most realistic shifter / handbrake combo, add the Heusinkveld Extension to mount the Heusinkveld Sequential Shifter and Sim Handbrake. This setup is ideal for rally driving.

Please note that the Shifter Mount and add-ons must be removed completely before storing the CoffeeRacer.

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